Regional Innovation Hubs

To design a framework and a platform to engage stakeholder communities around school level adoption of digital innovation and to create sustainable participatory approaches and concepts

School Mentoring Model

The aim of the model and related individual practical methods is to support whole-school development in pedagogically innovative use of digital technology

The GRAASP Library

The communication platform to support teachers in publishing and sharing lesson designs, pedagogical strategies, guidelines, data collection, mentoring methods

About iHub4Schools

The main goal of the project is to coordinate and support the creation of sustainable multi-level Regional Innovation Hubs in local communities across Europe, each fostering the scaling of the digital innovation. iHub4Schools proposes an adaptive and flexible whole-school peer-learning mentoring model built on the innovation hubs.

The model consists of several core components and auxiliary approaches selected by the schools based on their needs. The model combines the school’s whole-school level improvement practices with the co-creation of the technology-enhanced pedagogical practices in collaboration with the teachers.


“Conference of Innovative Education: Fostering Sustainable Digital Innovation in Schools”

“Uueneva hariduse konverents: Tehnoloogiaga võimestatud jätkusuutliku hariduse toetamine”

The iHub4Schools final event took place on 25th of April 2023. Format: Hybrid event.

  • Face-to-face: Tallinn University, Maximum hall A002

Collection of the best practices of partners and networking schools as well as from research about technology-enhanced pedagogical practices, schools’ digital maturity and school mentoring model to support mainstreaming digital innovation.

Assessment of schools’ digital maturity and teachers’ digital competences to identify the digitally less and more advanced teachers and schools in five piloting countries.

Co-creation of methods and practices for a dynamic mentoring model with the national stakeholder networks

Establishment of Regional innovation Hubs consisting of co-creation teams between the schools; national
stakeholder networks involving also researchers, policy bodies, teacher trainers.

Piloting of the mentoring model: teachers in collaboration with industry representatives and university experts co-create pedagogical practices in technology-enriched learning scenarios, which will be validated with the students by collecting data with the support of the learning analytics toolbox tools.


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Workshop “Digitally-innovative school“, 24th October 2022.

On Monday 24th October 2022 iHubSchools partners organised a transnational workshop dedicated to the topic of “Digitally-innovative school” for teachers and school managers from DIGI ENE (European Training Foundation) Network of Excellence.
Contributors: Kairit Tammets (Tallinn University), Liisa Ilomaki & Minna Lakkala (University of Helsinki), Cecilie Johanne Slokvik Hansen (Bergen University), Roberto Righi & Marta Tybura (Steps).