Name of the piloting schools: Batumi Public School N1 & Dologani Public School

Mentors from Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

In Georgia, two schools were selected for the participation in the iHub4Schoolproject: Batumi Public School N1 and Dologani Public School. The schools are located in the different parts of Adjara region.

The aim of this case is to enhance teachers digital competence and support the collaboration between two school (with different abilities/ achievements) teachers, of different subjects at different levels, in sharing the experience and supporting each other in the application of digital technologies in the teaching process.

For teachers, the main problem remains the frequency and practice of the use of technology (or effective or quality use) in the educational process. Teachers find it difficult to adapt the same technology to different subjects/topics/problems. Therefore the main goal of the pilot was to develop practical and transferable skills in teachers.

For this reasons, the piloting process was mainly based on the principles developed in the Conceptual model developed within the iHub4Schools project. Collegial method was used in supporting teachers to enhance their digital skills.

The results of the pilot showed that this process significantly increased the transferable skills of the teachers. In the long term, the focus is on teachers to facilitate the era of digital technologies without obstacles and to complete the teaching process as much as possible with more modern and student-oriented approaches.

Look at the map below to see where the Regional Innovation HUBs are located in Georgia: