Name of piloting school: Šiauliai Dubysos school

Mentors from Vilnius University

In Lithuania, iHub4Schools project involves teachers from different regions of the country. One region involved is the Šiauliai region. Researchers from Vilnius University interviewed primary school teachers and a mathematics teacher from Šiauliai Dubysos school. The researchers were interested in how teachers learn, as well as how they create innovative schools in modern society.

What is important for the development of an innovative digital school? Individual teachers using digital technology cannot fully develop, the real development happens when all teachers use digital technology. Teachers can support each other through this commonality in digital technology. Innovation in schools, new digital tools, apps or platforms should not be limited to individual classrooms. For example, a teacher was pleased that the international platform LearnLab, developed by the Norwegians, will be used by the whole school in the educational process.

Some of the teachers’ thoughts as testify:

"Teachers do not improve only for their own sake, but that their development and learning have a further goal - the students and their successful inclusion."
"It is never enough to have lots of computers, lots of trainings, but it is more important to develop the skills to apply and use all this to engage, motivate and interest students."

Look at the map below to see where the Regional Innovation HUBs are located in Lithuania: