iHub4Schools Evaluation Toolkit

The iHub4Schools Evaluation Toolkit is designed to support evidence-informed school improvement and the implementation of digital innovation at both the classroom and whole-school levels.

The Toolkit provides scenarios, tools, and instruments used in iHub4Schools for various stakeholders. These resources enable monitoring of various aspects of the adoption of new practices in Regional Innovation

Stakeholders & beneficiaries of toolkit


Toolkit provides tools and techniques to monitor, support, and enhance the professional growth of educators as they navigate the challenges of integrating new practices into their classroom

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Teachers & school leaders

Toolkit provides strategies and resources to enhance classroom and school level practices and integrate digital innovations. It offers a approach to monitor and evaluate the implementation of new methodologies, ensuring effective and sustained improvement in teaching

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Researchers & policy bodies

Toolkit provides insights and tools to frame mentoring approaches that are effective ensuring that policy interventions are both practical and impactful. Researchers can identify gaps in current practices and to understand the complexities of integrating innovation in educational settings.

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