Name of the piloting schools: Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center; Emili Elementary School; Audru Primary School; Jõõpre Primary School; Maardu High School; Rakvere School of Freedom.

Mentors from the network of educators run by The Education and Youth Board of Estonia (Harno)

On 25th of august 2021, six Estonian schools start the Digital Accelerator development program aiming to improve teachers’ digital competence and everyday use of digital technology in teaching through intensive training and mentoring.

The program always starts by mapping the needs of the school. The situation of the school’s digital infrastructure and digital security is analyzed. The focus is on what kind of educational technology training this school team needs. After that, teachers can study in either basic 32-hour or tailor-made 30-hour courses during a six-month programme. The first provides an overview of the basic skills and knowledge required to apply digital technology. A tailor-made course focuses on topics selected based on the needs of a particular school. There is a separate training (39-hours) plan for the headmasters: digital change management at school. In the programme, school leaders can learn about the experiences of others and create a school development project to support the digital competence of teachers and students in their schools. Throughout the program, the school team is supported by an educational technologist, and 35 to 80 hours of mentoring. The experienced specialist helps find and introduce new technological opportunities in their teaching.

Following participating schools there are altogether 205 teachers and 20 management members involved with the program mentoring and teacher digital training:

  • Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Center
  • Emili Elementary School
  • Audru Primary School
  • Jõõpre Primary School
  • Maardu High School
  • Rakvere School of Freedom

The Digital Accelerator program is one of the methods based on the school mentoring model developed within project iHub4Schools.

Look at the map below to see where the piloting schools are located in Estonia: