The iHub4Schools school mentoring model has been validated during the piloting sessions with school teachers and principals in Georgia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. 

The iHub4Schools created individual models and methods instead of only one model. The reason for this was to give schools different opportunities to choose between different models, taking into account how schools are different in management, structure and culture. The project decided to divide the process into several sub-models and methods to better support various innovations and processes in schools with digital tools. Thus, we have provided mentors and schools with

a) one conceptual model,

b) two models about the mentoring process,

c) a group of Individual methods, for the mentors and schools to apply for practical development actions. 

The piloting partners, Tallinn University, University of Bergen and University of Helsinki, have worked with the piloting schools and with two other partners, while Vilnius University and Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University have started the collaboration with the local schools.

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