Digitally Innovative School

25 October 2022

On Monday the 24 October 2022 iHubSchools partners organised a transnational workshop dedicated to the topic of “Digitally-innovative school” for teachers and school managers from DIGI ENE (European Training Foundation) Network of Excellence.
Contributors: Kairit Tammets (Tallinn University), Liisa Ilomaki & Minna Lakkala (University of Helsinki), Cecilie Johanne Slokvik Hansen (Bergen University), Roberto Righi & Marta Tybura (Steps).  

Our agenda with links to presentations:
What leads to #innovation? What does the “digitally-innovative school mean”? Introduction to adoption of Whole-school Level Digital Innovation in #Schools.
– Is your school making the most of digital technologies for teaching and learning? How to assess the digital potential of your school?
– Brainstorming activity in breakout rooms: on What does digital innovative school mean? Which are the characteristics of #Innovative digital #teacher? What are the characteristics of Innovative digital #leadership?
Presentation of the of digital innovation practices in schools (D1.2) – sharing of the research results from iHub4Schools research.

Link to the video recording