Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning

Joint Initiative with ETF: Webinar 11 October 2022  “Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning”.

DIGI ENE is one of the initiatives launched in the context of the ETF Network of Excellence focusing on digital teaching and learning practices. 

The webinar dedicated to topic of “Teachers’ Digital Competencies” was organized on 11th October 2022 (12:00-15:30 CEST). The event raised a big interest gathering more that 100 participants from different ETF partner countries. The webinar was hold in English, Russian and French. Agenda of the events included the following presentations:
• Opening and explanation of the objectives – José Manuel Galvin Arribas – Filippo Del Ninno, ETF
• Presentation of the DigCompEdu framework & Introduction to the SELFIE Model for teachers – Anastasia Economou, Georgios Kapsalis, JRC
• Critical digital literacies for teachers and educators – Darren Mundy, University of Hull, UK
• Digital competence advancement in Estonia – Kerli Požogina, HARNO Agency of the Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia  
• Fostering the adoption of whole-school level digital innovation in schools – Kairit Tammets, University of Tallinn, Estonia
• Case history from Georgia – collaboration between two schools in developing digital practices – Tatia Nakashidze-Makharadze, BSU, Georgia
• A brief summary about the current situation regarding the ongoing development projects, Filippo Del Ninno, ETF

Organising the webinar about “Teachers’ Digital Competencies” we wanted to:
• support teachers to develop their digital competence &
• open a platform for discussion and transnational learning among members of the network &
• present self-reflection tool of teachers’ digital competence & schools’ readiness in relation to digital technology &
• present teachers’ collaboration & peer-learning methods accelerating digital innovation in schools.

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