Digital Accelerator program with the leaders of the six Estonian schools

25 September 2022 –

In the Digital Accelerator program, the leaders of the six Estonian participating schools gathered this week for the first experience exchange virtual seminar.

The focus of the first training day was change management within the school. Kristi Mumm, head of studies at Tartu Forselius School, introduced the curiosity-based school teaching model, talked about the implementation of new learning strategies and planning changes in the school team in general.

Digital Accelerator mentor Airi Aavik explained the basics of the development project and introduced various project ideas for the participants.

The focus of training for leaders In Digital Accelerator method is the preparation and management of changes in the school’s digital development and the implementation of a digital technology projects. Altogether, there are five seminars that cover the following topics: learners’ and teachers’ digital competence, school curriculum development, digital infrastructure and digital safety, strategic planning in the school.

The Digital Accelerator program is one of the methods based on the school mentoring model developed within project I-HUB4Schools.

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