Covid-19 as a catalyst for educational change?

26 November 2021

The webinar “Covid-19 as a catalyst for educational change?” was held on 25th November, and was attended by more than 50 participants, from Estonia, Finland, Norway, UK, Georgia and other EU countries. This event aimed to bring together different stakeholders (researchers, policy partners, school leaders and teachers) to discuss the lessons learnt from the Covid19 distance learning situation, which could be seen as a catalyst for change to scale up digital innovation in schools.

The webinar was moderated by Andra Siiba. It was structured in two sessions: plenary and working group discussions. The keynote of Prof.Rose Luckin inaugurated the plenary session, which was followed by contributions from country perspectives. This session was meant to bring up good experiences, innovative solutions that were helpful for schools during COVID, and also to point out how much variety there is to solve similar problems. 

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