Teachers’ evidence-informed teaching practices

19 October 2021

In collaboration with the Illumine project (Erasmus+ project), 12 Estonian teachers are co-creating evidence-informed teaching practices in language learning. Following the iHub4School method – Teacher Innovation Laboratory – teachers are encouraged to co-create practices that could foster the understanding of the science of learning theory (cognitive science, neuroscience) that underlies these practices. While teachers are introducing new technologies in their classrooms, it is crucial that teachers also understand the impact of technology-enhanced learning practices to students’ learning. This, on the other hand, assumes that teachers have the knowledge and skills to understand pedagogical-psychological underpinnings of learning process and readiness to monitor their own teaching practices. For this purpose, iHub4School method TISL has been adapted and implemented with Estonian teachers to support them to ask questions about their students, use technologies to answer the questions, reflect and make decisions about own practice.