Motivation & incentives

Provide motivation and incentives.

We identified several motivating factors for the schools leaders and teachers to be engaged in the activities of Regional Innovation Hubs:

Increased reputation: Schools position themselves (or are perceived by other schools) as active contributors to the educational ecosystem, fostering a positive reputation as innovative, collaborative and forward-thinking institutionsImproved skills: Through hub activities, teachers’ and leaders’ professional competence will be developed

Financial and time motivation: In some cases, teachers’ contribution to national initiatives, acting as a mentor or change agent in the network, is financially supported. As well as creating time for teachers (reduced teaching load) to contribute to the network.

Access to digital infrastructure: several hubs promote the creation of knowledge, which is shared within the hubs (good practices, lessons plans, learning materials)Media coverage, awards and certificates: certification and media attention contribute to a school’s credibility, reputation, stakeholder engagement, resource acquisition, and the broader impact of their innovative initiatives.