Community knowledge

Foster the sharing of community knowledge.

The community knowledge shared within Regional Innovation hubs is widely recognized as a highly valuable asset. In our project, we have developed a comprehensive approach to facilitate the sharing of community knowledge through innovative engagement platforms. Our strategy encompasses two primary perspectives:

Local Engagement Platforms: These platforms focus on fostering collaboration among teachers within a specific local context (e.g. materials fostering computational thinking skills in Lithuanian primary schools). By actively engaging local educators, we encourage them to share their expertise, create educational materials, and facilitate effective communication. Through these platforms, teachers can leverage their collective knowledge and experience, benefiting not only their immediate communities but also fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Pan-European Platform: Recognizing the importance of sharing best practices beyond local contexts, we have established a pan-European platform ( that facilitate access to pedagogical scenarios and school development projects internationally, which serve as a bridge, allowing teachers from different regions to tap into a wealth of knowledge and innovative practices. By providing access to a broader range of perspectives and approaches, Graasp empowers educators to enhance their teaching methods and positively impact the learning experiences of students across Europe.By combining these two perspectives, our project seeks to create a holistic ecosystem for knowledge sharing within and beyond Regional Innovation hubs. Through local and pan-European engagement platforms, we aim to unlock the full potential of community knowledge, foster collaboration, and ultimately drive educational innovation at both the regional and international levels.