Co-Creation Program in Tallinn

Tallinn University, in collaboration with HarNo launched in spring 2021 a program for the educational technology industry sector and school teachers to jointly co-create educational technology innovation. 

Twelve teachers from different Estonian schools and representatives of six educational technology start-ups are co-creating new EdTech solutions for schools. Teachers are bringing to the project their instructional knowledge and skills to the design process and pilot out new solutions in their practice. Mentors from Tallinn University foster the design teams to monitor their design and implementation process to develop the mindset of evidence-based development of educational innovation. 

The program helps to validate the idea of iHub4Schools of forming multi-stakeholder networks through co-creation approaches to scale up digital innovation. Through co-creation sessions, workshops, reflection seminars in collaboration with industry partners, teachers and researchers, evidence-informed solutions are created and implemented in the educational landscape.