Telling about school mentoring experiences in the Digital marketplace

27 January 2023

The Faculty of Educational Sciences in the University of Helsinki has organized regular events for their staff members about teaching, research and development activities that are ongoing in the faculty related to digital technology in education. The afternoon event is called “Digital marketplace” and it has already been organized over twenty times in the past five years. The presentation materials are shared on the faculty’s intranet afterwards, which enables ideas to spread widely among the staff.

Recently, Minna Lakkala and Liisa Ilomäki participated in the Digital marketplace with iHub4Schools presentation where they introduced the School mentoring model and their experiences in mentoring two pairs of schools, four schools altogether, in Porvoo city during the iHub4Schools project. They received positive feedback from the participants about organising the mentoring activities and events in the schools taking into account the teachers’ everyday work and obligations. Also the use of the research-based framework of Innovative Digital School with teachers as a conceptual tool for evaluating the whole schools’ digital practices was considered a good idea.

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